Useful Tips For Studying Is USA After 12th


Are you on your way to completing your 12th standard education? Wondering about your career after HSC? Still, hoping to be a part of the intense competition for seats in coveted colleges? Here’s with 4 reasons why one must consider studying in the US after 12th/HSC or Diploma

World-Class Education with Less Focus on Rote-Based Learning: The Indian education system is extensively rote driven. The same approach continues even during Bachelors’s degree programs where (often) toppers are the ones with a strong memory rather than clear concepts. The system in the USA for Bachelors/Graduation, on the other hand, focuses on the practical application of concepts. A given subject has a mix of several types of assignments in addition to exams that are spread over a period of time.

This leaves very little room for those who have not understood concepts. At the same time, success in the subject is not measured solely by a “single exam per semester”

Plenty of Universities to choose from: Education is a multi-billion dollar university in the U.S. In many instances, one can find towns and cities born out of universities. The US has more than 200 accredited universities for a given career path.

Cost-Effective Education Possible in the USA: At the very onset, one might perceive the USA to be a very costly educational destination. There are mainly two factors to consider while targeting a scholarship (a) Try to score as much as possible in the SAT entrance exam(b) compromise a bit on the rankings: admission from a 46th rank university with scholarship might be a better proposition than an admit from a 20th rank university without any scholarship. At our consulting offices in Mumbai, Pune, and Nashik, we have helped a student achieve US education scholarships in excess of US$ Rs. 10 Crore

A Candidate with a U.S Bachelors degree holder is more likely to make it to a top-ranked university for his masters compared to one with an Indian degree:

On a global scale, the value of an American degree far outweighs that of an Indian degree. With a Bachelors’s degree from the USA, one can aim for an admit from a premier U.S university. If the same candidate (with the same academic performance) completes his Bachelors’s from India, he is relatively less likely to make it to a top-ranked university.

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